Social Security

The Social Security Administration is one of the largest agencies within the federal government and maneuvering the "red tape" of proving a disability claim can take you to the breaking point. Bureaucracy and human suffering mix about as well as oil and water.

Disability claims are won and lost on medical evidence. Sometimes, Claimants have no evidence and their claims are denied. Other times, Claimants have the wrong kind of evidence and their claims are denied. The Social Security Administration does not make distinguishing the "right" kind of evidence from the "wrong" kind an easy task.

Having an attorney who speaks the "language" of disability claims and understands the medical evidence needed to win a disability claim can mean the difference between a favorable decision and an unfavorable one.

That is where the Law Office of Tammy M. Holcomb comes in.I have been practicing in the area of Social Security Disability since my very first day as an attorney. I take a very personalized approach to my cases, having regular contact with my clients regarding their medical treatment, the status of their disability claim, and all of the unique things that make them who they are.

As with my practice in general, I never lose sight of the fact that I am helping people...not file numbers.

Personal Injury

You have had an accident. You're injured. Now, you're facing the decision about whether to hire an attorney. Hiring an attorney is an important decision...whom to hire is equally so.When I meet with people who have been injured in an accident, the most common question they ask is:

"Why do I need an attorney?"

The answer is that you do not need an attorney. Many people are capable of resolving their own accident cases, and some are capable of filing a lawsuit and winning without hiring an attorney. However, the cost of going it alone is often one that cannot be measured in dollars and cents and is, instead, measured in tears and higher blood pressure readings.Keeping that in mind, perhaps a better question is:

"How does an attorney benefit me?"

The answer boils down to priorities. Your healing and your peace of mind should always be the priority. Having an attorney to fight for you restores your focus to yourself and not to the details of an insurance claim which can easily overwhelm you. Instead of spending countless hours on the telephone with an insurance adjuster and jumping through their hoops, you can focus on what really matters - YOUR HEALTH and YOUR LIFE. When you are not the one calling the adjuster, faxing medical bills to the adjuster, justifying your choice of provider to the adjuster, and/or arguing with the adjuster about the value of your claim, you are healing instead of adding fuel to the fire of physical pain and emotional upheaval.The second most common question I hear is:

"Why should I hire you?"

I answer this question by pointing out that I have always done things differently when it comes to taking care of people. It is in my nature to go above and beyond what is expected of me if that means the best outcome for the person whom I am trying to help. In an attorney/client relationship, communication is key. Throughout my career, I have set myself apart from "the pack" by being personally available to my clients. I am available by telephone and in person. And, I do not wait for you to call me before communicating updates in your case. Instead, I initiate contact with you. If you leave a message, your call will be returned. If you send an email, your email will be answered. It is a very simple formula and it has served me well in my career.


Give me a call or send me an email and let's discuss your case! I believe you will immediately see what sets me apart from "the pack".

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